Angelina Jolie made new accusations against Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie made new accusations against Brad Pitt 1

Fans of both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have long been tired of their endless court showdowns. But there is no end in sight for them yet: the other day the actress filed a new application to the court, in which she brought additional charges against her ex-husband. Jolie, who is doing everything to make Pitt look like a perfect monster, in her new statement, called the lawsuit filed earlier against her by Brad “malicious and baseless” and demanded that her dispute with Pitt be resolved as soon as possible. This was reported by the publication Daily Mail.

Jolie’s statement was a belated reaction to Pitt’s lawsuit against her, filed by him back in February of this year. In it, Brad demanded to cancel the sale of half of the Chateau Miraval castle and the surrounding vineyards with a winery that once belonged jointly to him and Angelina. In his statement, Pitt noted that Jolie was not engaged in either the castle or the vineyards, while he invested “a fortune” in the property, and he called the sale of his ex-wife’s share to an outsider a gross violation of his and Angelina’s early agreements.

Angelina Jolie made new accusations against Brad Pitt 3

And now Jolie is trying to prove that she had every reason and right to do so. To begin with, she stated that there was no agreement at all that the second partner could not sell his own without the consent of the second partner. The actress called this, according to her, non-existent agreement “an invention of Pitt.” After that, she described herself in a statement as a victim of Pitt, who, after the start of the divorce, allegedly not only removed her from all decisions but also deprived her of legitimate profits.

Further, moving into the sphere of emotions, Jolie announced that she simply could not remain a co-owner of the winery “after her family suffered so much from Pitt’s alcoholism.”

The only positive thing that Pitt’s fans saw in Jolie’s entire declaration was that she finally made a seemingly reasonable offer. The actress “generously” offered in case her deal with the Stoli Group company, to which she sold her half of the property, would not be recognized as legitimate: to buy this share to Pitt himself or his business partners. Of course, at the same time, she clarified that this should be done on her terms. At the same time, she noticed that she really wants all this to be completed as soon as possible.

And now the fans are frozen in anticipation – what will it be like next, Pitt’s retaliatory step, and whether the court will finally make a final decision on this case.