Donald Trump told why he can’t lose weight

Donald Trump told why he can't lose weight 1

Former US President Donald Trump said that he does not have enough time to fight with extra pounds. This is reported by Vanity Fair.

In an interview published on social networks, Donald Trump said that the famous American doctor and TV presenter Mehmet Oz recommended he lose weight. “Dr. Oz said that I have exceptional health. It made me love him even more, although he also said that it would not hurt me to lose a couple of pounds,” the former US president is quoted by Vanity Fair.

According to Trump, he weighs around one hundredweight, but he has no time to lose weight. “Can you believe I weigh 208 pounds (94 kilograms)? Now maybe a little more. But I don’t have time to lose weight,” the former head of state added.

It is noted that the American politician loves fast food and sweets, and also considers physical activity harmful.

Donald Trump told why he can't lose weight 3
Donald Trump told why he can't lose weight 5

Earlier, Trump admitted in an interview with The Washington Post that he is monitoring his health in order to run for President of the United States again in 2024. “You should always talk about health. Today you look healthy, and tomorrow you get a letter from a doctor asking you to come to an appointment again,” he said.