Ben Affleck has moved out of Jennifer Lopez’s house. Could this be the end of their relationship?

Ben Affleck has moved out of Jennifer Lopez's house. Could this be the end of their relationship? 1
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The once enchanting love story of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, rekindled after 17 years, now seems to be reaching its conclusion. Things are not easy in the star couple’s relationship. According to reports, Ben has moved out of their luxurious family residence worth $60 million – a home they meticulously sought together for nearly two years. The Daily Mail reported this, citing InTouch.

Rumors about the problems in the couple’s relationship emerged several months ago. Ben and Jennifer were often seen together with gloomy expressions on their faces, and lately, Lopez has been attending events without her spouse.

“At present, his focus lies on his career and his children. Ben has already relocated, and it’s likely they’ll have to part ways with the dream home they meticulously sought for over two years. Their love persists, yet they find themselves at an impasse,” reveals the insider.

One of the main reasons for disagreements in the family was their different attitudes towards public attention. Ben has never hidden the fact that he simply hates publicity in his personal life. On the contrary, Jennifer loves always being in the spotlight in everything.

In her documentary “The Greatest Untold Love Story,” Lopez candidly shares, “Upon reuniting, Ben expressed his discomfort with our relationship being broadcasted on social media. He respects my choices, but it’s evident he’s not entirely at ease with them.”

“Some of the fundamental issues that led to their initial separation persist,” stresses the insider.

Ben and Jen’s relationship began in the early 2000s and reached the engagement stage, however, just a few days before the supposed wedding, they decided to part ways. Their reconciliation in 2021 eventually led to their long-awaited marriage in July 2022.