‘Avatar 2’ will last more than three hours

'Avatar 2' will last more than three hours 1

The media reported that the audience of ‘Avatar 2’ will have to spend more than three hours in the cinema. The duration of the sequel was 190 minutes and exceeded the timing of the first part by 28 minutes. The premiere of the film “Avatar: The Way of Water” will take place on December 14.

The duration of the second “Avatar” was reported in The Hollywood Reporter. James Cameron told the media that future viewers of the Avatar sequel may not worry about the “predictable” plot of the picture. The continuation of the large-scale story of 2009 will surprise both old fans of the original “Avatar” and new ones.

The director admitted that the plot “defied” any critic. In Avatar 2, Colonel Quaritch will return, he was the main villain in the first part of Avatar. The man died in the 2009 film, but in the continuation of the story, he will appear on the screen as an improved avatar.

The plot of the sequel begins 14 years after the story of the first part. The main character, played by Sam Worthington, along with his beloved, the warrior Neytiri, protects his family from the invasion of military forces from Earth under the leadership of greedy businessmen. Together with old friends and new allies, they join the war for the planet Pandora. Sigourney Weaver and Kate Winslet will appear in the film as avatars.

Earlier, James Cameron spoke out against Marvel and DC. The director called the actions of superheroes reckless as if they were “still in college.” James Cameron criticized film studios for films that do not disclose the topic of family and children.

James Cameron believes that now characters should appear on the screen who will be responsible for their loved ones. They can no longer rush under fire because their relatives are waiting for them at home. James Cameron admitted that “Avatar 2” will be devoted to the theme of family to a much greater extent than the first film.