You should stop interacting with people who ‘drag you down’

You should stop interacting with people who 'drag you down' 1
Photo by Stormseeker on Unsplash

Your environment plays a crucial role in your life. There are such ‘friends’ who seem always to be around, but instead of supporting and inspiring you, they only drag you down.

They don’t want anything in life. They just go with the flow, living without goals or ambitions, constantly complaining and whining about their problems.

Such friends or acquaintances can and will negatively affect your mood and emotional state. Instead of being a source of motivation and support, these “friends” end up being a hindrance to your growth.

When you share your plans with such “friends” (you don’t want to go with the flow and want to change your life for the better: get a higher-paying job, move to another country, etc.), they may tell you that your ideas are rubbish and that you’ll never succeed – they set you up for failure on a physical level.

Try not to share your thoughts and ideas with these people, trusting them only to those who are genuinely interested in your success – this is one way to stop their attempts to drag you down.

Constant negativity can become toxic and a heavy burden. Instead of supporting and helping you solve problems, such “friends” might just cement you in depression.

Healthy relationships should be mutual, where everyone puts in their share of effort and attention. If friendship becomes a one-sided game, you’re wasting a lot of energy. And you could be using it for something useful.

Don’t hope to reform people around whom you are deteriorating and whose influence is leading your life downhill

The simplest option is to completely and irrevocably stop communicating with such people – just stop answering their calls and messages, and fully ignore them.

If you still try to explain to them your refusal to continue the communication, you will most likely be unable to properly explain the true nature of the problem and lying will not bring you any good. No matter how nice and harmless your words may sound, the other person will still feel hurt that you are neglecting communication with them, and they will be offended. This is unavoidable, so be prepared for it.

Therefore, there can’t be any speeches in this case. Either a heartfelt conversation, which will only be a waste of time and nerves, or… a silent goodbye.

Your time is slipping away; life is too short to waste it on such relationships, even if it’s with very close people. Everyone makes their own choice: some choose the “swamp,” while others get out of it.