What gesture of Meghan Markle silences Prince Harry?

What gesture of Meghan Markle silences Prince Harry? 1

The public has long known that Meghan Markle likes to be a boss girl, she likes to control the situation and keep everything in her power, even her beloved husband, Prince Harry. Sussex fans noticed this even when the couple appeared at the Invictus Games event in 2017. At that time, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were a perfect couple of the royal family, so they just needed to demonstrate appropriate behavior. However, you can’t predict when your significant other will have an attack of eloquence, so Meghan Markle uses a special gesture to slow down her talkative prince slightly.

This was noticed by body language and gesture expert Jesus Enrique Rosas, who has been following the royal couple for a long time. It turned out that Megan often uses uncomplicated gestures to address Harry unnoticed by the public.

“So, Meghan gives such a signal, and, by the way, she has resorted to stopping the conversation many times with such a gesture — Markle just touches people,” he explained. “Whether it was a video from Commonwealth Day in 2019 or a moment from the Annual Freedom Salute or an interview with Oprah where she wanted Harry to stop talking, she used a normal touch, which is more like tapping on the hand,” said Jesus.

What gesture of Meghan Markle silences Prince Harry? 3

Rosas made such conclusions after analyzing many videos with Sussex public releases. This gesture became especially active after the departure of the dukes from the British crown. It’s funny, but Megan uses this method not only on Harry but also on her friends. If we recall the Wellhead Awards ceremony in 2019, when Markle wanted to start a dialogue, she unknowingly tapped the other person’s hand so that he would finish speaking and give her the speaker’s place.

“And if she grabs her purse, it means it’s time to leave,” the expert noted.

I wonder how much a seemingly insignificant gesture can completely change the course of the situation.

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