Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri becomes a real beauty

Tom Cruise's daughter Suri becomes a real beauty 1

The other day, paparazzi ambushed Suri Cruise and her mom at the New York airport when they were returning home after the Christmas holidays. Katie Holmes, dressed for the trip in wide jeans, a jumper, and a loose black coat, just in case, covered her face with a medical mask, which prevented the photographers from understanding how festive she was in the mood. But Suri, who was walking next to her mother, dressed in an orange T-shirt, a light jacket, and beige trousers, showed everyone a completely dazzling smile. The photos taken were published, in particular, in the Mirror edition.

Looking at the pictures, fans were amazed at how Suri, who celebrated her 16th birthday in the spring of 2022, who, it seems, was a little awkward teenager yesterday, managed to get so prettier. She became a real beauty, taking, perhaps, the best from both her mother and her father Tom Cruise.

Recall that since Katie divorced Tom, which happened back in 2012, Cruise interrupted any communication not only with his ex-wife but also with his daughter from Holmes. As far as we know, he has not seen her for more than 10 years. Moreover, according to rumors, he is not only not dating Suri all this time. He never called her on the phone and never even sent her a birthday card.

Journalists cannot say where Suri and Katy returned from, but they know that they will spend the New Year at home in New York. And at the end of the holidays, 44-year-old Katie Holmes will have to get to work. After all, as the actress recently reported, she decided to temporarily take a break from the cinema, returning to the theater stage after more than a decade break. So Katie will break into rehearsals — she will be involved in Anna Ziegler’s play “The Wanderers”, staged in one of the theaters on Broadway.