The Norwegian Princess made a sensational statement

The Norwegian Princess made a sensational statement 1

Something happened in the Norwegian Royal Family that vividly reminded the subjects of King Harald V of the story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It became known that 51-year—old Princess Martha Louise decided to give up all her privileges in the name of love – more precisely, for the sake of a scandalous affair with 47-year-old shaman Durek Verrett. This was reported by the publication

An official statement has appeared on the social network of the rulers of Norway that the Princess is ceasing to exercise her powers as a member of the Royal Family. This applies, among other things, to several organizations over which Martha Louise previously carried a patronage role. However, she will no longer patronize them, other responsible persons will be appointed instead. The exception will be only one charitable foundation, in which Martha will remain chairman of the board.

The Norwegian Princess made a sensational statement 3

According to the Princess herself, these changes are necessary in order to “draw a clearer line between her business activity together with her beloved and the Royal Family.” At the same time, King Harald still allowed his daughter to formally retain the title, but she cannot use it in social networks, the media, or advertising. Martha Louise’s father took this step as a sign of gratitude for her work in fulfilling her duties for decades, which she treated with “warmth, attention, and devotion.” However, from now on, she is no longer an official member of the Royal Family.

It also became known that after the wedding of the shaman Durek to Martha Louise, he will not receive a title and will not enter the Royal Family. However, spouses will still be allowed to attend family events and holidays – such as birthday celebrations and traditional sporting events. Nevertheless, they are prohibited from using references to the Royal Family for commercial purposes.

Of course, it is no secret that pressure was put on Martha Louise to agree to such restrictions. On the one hand, the king, who was extremely dissatisfied with her affair, repeatedly warned his daughter in the past that this could affect her fate.