“Terrible behavior”: Prince Harry was criticized for an undignified act

"Terrible behavior": Prince Harry was criticized for an undignified act 1

The royal family honored the late Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday. More than two thousand people attended the memorial service, including Elizabeth II, who risked missing the event because of health problems. And here Prince Harry, the beloved grandson of the Duke of Edinburgh, contrary to expectations, did not come to London. Because of this, the Duke of Sussex was hit by a wave of criticism.

Earlier it was reported that Prince Harry will miss the event because his family is not provided with British security. Royal expert Angela Levin, for her part, has a different opinion about the Duke of Sussex’s true motives.

“He could have used his own unarmed guards or those of his father or brother, and they were obviously very happy to accommodate him,” Levin explained.

She also put forward her own version in conversation with GB News, saying that Harry simply wanted to capitalize even on his visit to the memorial service.

“I think there’s another reason. He just doesn’t want to come here without a crowd of photographers and Netflix people: he needs to make another documentary about himself,” Levine explained, recalling that Meghan Markle is preparing to release a podcast series for Spotify this summer. “He also has to [do something]. I think that’s what this is about. He needs an excuse to go everywhere and do all this stuff [making a documentary]. But I’m afraid he will no longer be able to get his piece of royal cake and eat it,” added Levin.

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"Terrible behavior": Prince Harry was criticized for an undignified act 3

In addition, the expert is convinced that Prince Harry has become a completely different person in recent years – callous and arrogant.

“It’s hard to know if he will regret, in principle, not coming to the ceremony,” Angela Levin wondered.

Recall that the Duke of Sussex has filed a lawsuit against the Home Office for depriving him of 24-hour armed police protection. The last time Prince Harry was in Britain was last July. He paid a visit to unveil a statue of his late mother, Princess Diana, in honor of her 60th birthday.

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