Queen Elizabeth turned 96 today

Queen Elizabeth turned 96 today 1

Elizabeth II’s birthday this year is hardly a fun one. In June, when, according to tradition, the Queen’s birthday will be officially celebrated, large celebrations are planned on the occasion of the platinum jubilee – the 70th anniversary of the reign. However, it is already clear that the culprit of the celebration herself will not be able to take part in most events. She had neither the strength nor the health for this anymore. So she celebrates her “calendar” birthday not with a big reception, but with a modest tea party. This was reported by the Mirror edition.

As it became known, the birthday celebration will be held very quietly. Only the closest members of her family will arrive at the royal estate in Sandringham, where Elizabeth left the other day in order to celebrate her personal holiday in peace and quiet on the weekend. And the whole company will just sit with the birthday girl for tea and cake. Kate Middleton and Prince William and Prince Charles and Camilla are expected to be among them.

Note that in commemoration of the birthday, a new portrait of Elizabeth was published, also imbued with a nostalgic mood. For him, the queen posed with two of her favorite snow-white ponies – as a reminder of how the queen has always adored horses. As you know, she has been breeding them for more than 60 years, and many champion horses have grown up in her stables. Not to mention the fact that she was a great rider herself, but if at the beginning of last year Elizabeth regularly took horseback rides in Windsor Park, now she could only stand next to the ponies, holding their bridles.

Recall that Queen Elizabeth’s health began to deteriorate noticeably last year. In addition to age, the role in this was played first by illness, and then by the subsequent death of her husband Prince Philip, with whom the queen had been married for almost 75 years. And if at first, it seemed that Elizabeth bravely endured a heavy loss, then since the autumn of last year she began to weaken. She was forced to cancel her participation in one important event after another, replacing personal audiences with video appearances. And already this year she honestly admitted that she moves with great difficulty. Another blow to her health was caused by an infection with covid, which she recently had. And only by some miracle Elizabeth was able to pull herself together to attend the memorial service for Prince Philip in Westminster Abbey. When she will be able to appear in public next time, no one knows.