Prince Harry cracks jokes at the NFL Awards but didn’t even mention his father’s cancer battle

Prince Harry cracks jokes at the NFL Awards but didn't even mention his father's cancer battle 1
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Just two days following his visit to the United Kingdom, Prince Harry made a surprise appearance at the 2024 NFL Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas. There, he graciously presented the “Man of the Year” award to Pittsburgh Steelers’ football player Cameron Heyward, evoking genuine excitement from Heyward who exclaimed, “I can’t believe it’s Prince Harry himself!” Reported by Daily Mail.

During the event, Prince Harry delivered a speech filled with humor, yet notably omitted any even mention of his father, King Charles III, who is currently battling cancer and whom he visited after learning about his illness.

He arrived in the UK without Meghan Markle and stayed there for only a day, spending just 45 minutes with the King.

Moreover, there is no information indicating that Prince Harry met with his brother, Prince William. Royal expert Jennie Bond observed that Prince William seems reluctant to reconcile with his brother, indicating a profound fracture in their relationship.

Prince William resumed his royal duties on Wednesday and expressed heartfelt concern for his father and wife’s health issues while extending gratitude for the public’s support and attention towards them.

Notably, the Duke of Sussex also did not visit his brother’s wife, Kate Middleton, who is recuperating from a significant abdominal surgery.

Whether Harry managed to mend his relationship with his father is unclear for now. The source in the palace reported that the meeting between Harry and the King was brief. Charles III, as they say, was not too pleased: he was tired from a procedure, and he had to “strain” himself in anticipation of his younger son’s visit.