Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were accused of destroying the Royal Family

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were accused of destroying the Royal Family 1

Meghan and Harry, who arrived in New York, clearly expecting to be received as triumphant, miscalculated. Of course, they were awarded undeserved, in the opinion of the majority, awards for “courageous struggle against racism” from the Robert Kennedy Foundation and politely applauded. However, at the entrance to the hall where the ceremony took place, they got into an extremely unpleasant situation. This was reported by the edition Hello.

When Harry got out of the car with Meghan Markle, a crowd of photographers and onlookers met him at the entrance and someone asked: “Harry, what do you think about destroying the Royal Family”. Then the same person shouted, “Meghan, you have destroyed the Royal Family.” The question caught the Prince by surprise, and he quickly took his wife into the building, throwing on the move: “Too many questions.”

Such a question was not accidental. On the eve of the ceremony, Netflix released a trailer for the documentary series “Harry and Meghan”, in which, among other things, the Prince hinted that he would “tell the whole truth”, and from the footage shown it is obvious that his revelations will hit the Royal Family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex received the Robert F. Kennedy in the field of human rights in honor of their “heroic” stance against ‘structural racism’ in the Royal Family.

Many observers have already criticized the decision to award the award to Harry and Meghan because they do not believe that they have done something really worthwhile to protect the rights of those who are oppressed because of race.

Note that in Harry’s homeland, Britain, the release of the series is expected with even greater indignation. Fans of the Royal Family turned against the couple, confident that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to make money from new scandals, for which they openly went to the final break with their Royal Family and that they “put money before family”.

Tens of thousands of signatures have already been collected, for example, to deprive Meghan and Harry of their titles. Theoretically, this is quite possible. To do this, Charles only needs to pass an appropriate Act through Parliament. However, whether the King will go for it is still unclear. After all, until now he tried to take the courses of his late mother Elizabeth, who considered it beneath the royal dignity to respond to attacks against her family. Most likely, King Charles’s decision will depend on which new charges against him and his family will be brought by Harry and Meghan in their series.