Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have launched a new website using their royal titles and coat of arms

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have launched a new website using their royal titles and coat of arms 1
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have recently unveiled their new website,, sparking speculation about their potential return to the media spotlight. However, their actions have stirred concerns among royal insiders, who fear that their use of their royal titles and coat of arms could lead to further tensions with the Royal Family.

“There could be significant repercussions due to their use of the titles Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This title holds immense significance, and any hint of commercial purposes could result in the closure of the website. Surprisingly, they fail to recognize the gauche of their actions,” remarked an insider in conversation with the Daily Mail.

In response to the criticism, representatives of Harry and Meghan reiterated their stance, stating, “Prince Harry and Meghan are undeniably the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This is simply a statement of fact, and it is their rightful title,” to journalists at their office.

The primary purpose of the website is expected to be the dissemination of news about the couple, along with their plans to embark on new endeavors following the setbacks of the previous year. Biographies detailing Prince Harry’s roles as a humanitarian, veteran, mental health advocate, and environmentalist, as well as Meghan Markle’s advocacy for feminism, human rights, and gender equality, have already been published on the website.

Meanwhile, on their Archewell Foundation website, a press release highlights Meghan Markle’s involvement in The Welcome Project, established in 2023, where she hosted a culinary evening for Afghan women who have relocated to the USA, preparing traditional Afghan dishes.

Recent media discussions have also revolved around the potential reconciliation between Prince Harry and his family, particularly after his brief visit to the UK upon learning of his father’s illness. King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer.

During his short stay in the UK, Harry spent 45 minutes with the King, though reports suggest that Charles was not too pleased: he was tired from a procedure, and he had to “strain” himself in anticipation of his younger son’s visit.

It has also come to light that Harry did not meet with his brother, Prince William, nor did he visit Kate Middleton, who was recuperating from surgery.