Palace officials deny rumors that Kate Middleton was in a ‘coma’ and in ‘danger’ after the surgery

Palace officials deny rumors that Kate Middleton was in a 'coma' and in 'danger' after the surgery 1
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The 59-year-old journalist Concha Calleja, who considers herself an “expert” in royal affairs, made a “high-profile announcement” on the air of the Spanish news channel Fiesta. She claimed that Kate Middleton, aged 42, had fallen “into a coma” and was in “significant danger” after undergoing abdominal surgery.

This statement occurred a day before the representative of the British Royal Family was released from a private London clinic.

“Unexpected serious complications arose post-surgery. While the procedure itself was successful, the recovery period presented unforeseen challenges. Swift and critical actions were taken by the medical team to save her life, including the decision to intubate the princess and induce an artificial coma,” reported Calleja.

Additionally, an “expert” claiming connections within Prince William’s wife’s inner circle mentioned that the royal figure had been admitted to the hospital on December 28, and stayed there for several days. Concha noted, “This is not the first time she has felt unwell.”

Calleja also asserted that medical personnel at Adelaide Cottage, where the Prince and Princess of Wales reside with their children, are on duty 24/7.

“For Kate’s recovery, assistance may be required, not just from her family. Through a confidential source in the royal household, I learned they have practically established a hospital at their Windsor estate to support her,” Concha stated.

However, Kensington Palace representatives dismissed the claims made by the Spanish journalist. “This is complete nonsense! The journalist made no effort to fact-check or verify the information with any household members. In essence, it is entirely fabricated, and to put it politely, it’s untrue,” stated an insider close to Kate Middleton.

The Spanish channel, in existence for 13 years, was founded by a media company previously owned by Silvio Berlusconi and is renowned for its society chronicles. The statement about the Princess of Wales quickly circulated on the Internet, gaining traction on leading Spanish websites such as El Confidencial, La Vanguardia, and La Razon, as reported by the Daily Mail.

On January 17, Kensington Palace officially announced Kate Middleton’s successful abdominal surgery. Following the operation, the heir’s wife spent two weeks in the hospital. On Monday, January 29, she was discharged, and the Princess of Wales will continue her recovery at home, resuming public events after March 31.