Out of patience: the Royal Family plans to sue Meghan Markle

Out of patience: the Royal Family plans to sue Meghan Markle 1

Meghan Markle, apparently, does not realize that she has put herself in a position that is fraught with very unpleasant consequences for her. The fact is that the Duchess constantly makes new accusations against the royal family and tells stories about her life in the palace that many experts consider, to put it mildly, unreliable. At the same time, she does all this, clearly being confident in her impunity. However, the Duchess seems to have cruelly miscalculated. This was reported by the publication Now to Love.

Since Meghan and Harry left the borders of Britain and left the Royal Family, they have systematically allowed themselves to “attack” Elizabeth’s relatives. At the same time, Markle is well aware that the Queen has always relentlessly followed her motto: “Never complain and explain nothing.” In other words, except for some particularly egregious cases, neither the members of the Queen’s family themselves nor their official representatives fundamentally refute the accusations concerning their personal life. However, there is a limit to any patience. And Megan now faces the consequences…

As it became known, Prince Charles began consultations with lawyers on how to bring her to legal responsibility — in other words, how to properly sue her.

As far as we know, the last straw for Charles was an interview that Meghan gave to the publication “The Cut”. In it, after another attack, she stated that she had never signed any papers preventing her from telling “the whole truth” about the royal family. And she said bluntly that she didn’t see any reason why she shouldn’t do it. Which Charles naturally perceived as a threat to him and his family. And if Elizabeth herself, in addition to her principle, is now prevented from dealing with Meghan by the state of health, because of which the 96-year-old queen cannot leave Scotland now, her eldest son and heir to the throne have no hands tied.

So it makes sense for Markle and her spouse to prepare to defend in court everything that both have managed to say over the past at least two years.

Not without reason, although Meghan and Harry flew to Britain this weekend for charity, they did not venture out to visit the Queen, although Elizabeth II invited them to her Scottish estate Balmoral.