Not just a mirror and lipstick: unexpected items in Kate Middleton and Elizabeth II purses

Not just a mirror and lipstick: unexpected items in Kate Middleton and Elizabeth II purses 1

Britons are used to seeing Kate Middleton, The Princess of Wales with a miniature purse in her hands: the Princess comes to all events with clutches of different shades. What does she carry with her all the time? And what was kept in the purse of the late Queen Elizabeth II? Phone, keys, wallet? None of that!

Let’s start with something that never happens in Kate’s purse. It seems amazing and even strange, but the Princess does not carry any keys or a wallet, with her, for us these are familiar things, without which we will not leave the house, Yahoo! Life reports.

But blotting paper, which will help hide the shine on the forehead or nose and give the face a flawless look, is a necessary item in Kate’s purse. Just like lip balm. To put herself in order, Kate just needs to look in a compact mirror (it also always lies in her clutch, even the tiniest one).

Finally, the fourth thing she always takes with her is a banal handkerchief. These secrets of Prince William’s wife were revealed in the book “Kate: A Biography” by Marcia Moody.

The late Queen Elizabeth II had a more interesting set…

No less interesting is the set of items that, according to royal biographers, were constantly in the purse of Kate’s husband’s grandmother — Queen Elizabeth II. The most common things that could be seen there were the same mirror and lipstick: the Queen had a habit of carefully correcting her makeup after every lunch and dinner without leaving the table. Mints and reading glasses won’t surprise anyone either. But the rest of the items already look more interesting, HELLO reports.


Not so much — just one banknote of 5 or 10 pounds sterling. The Queen needed the money in case she found herself in the church: for a donation.

Portable hook

Queen attached a special hook to the table if necessary and hung her bag on it so as not to put it on the floor.


Perhaps this habit will seem sentimental or outdated to someone, but Queen Elizabeth always carried photos of children and grandchildren in her purse.


As talismans “for luck” Queen took tiny figures of dogs — they said that she never parted with them, being sure that they bring good luck.


It is known that the Queen was very fond of dogs, her favorite breed was a corgi. For dogs, there was always a special cookie in her purse, which she treated her pets with pleasure.


This may sound very strange, but Queen Elizabeth II loved to solve crosswords in her spare time. The servants made sure that the Queen always had fresh copies cut out of newspapers with her.

Small camera

Queen loved to take interesting pictures — to take pictures of visiting presidents and other VIPs.

In addition, Queen Elizabeth very rarely took a mobile phone with her (anyone who wants to contact her “knows how to contact her!”).

The rest is — at the ladies-in-waiting

It is clear that a woman (even a Queen — especially a Queen!) during the day, may need many more little things to look and feel flawless. But you won’t be carrying a suitcase with you!

The Queen was always accompanied by faithful ladies-in-waiting, in whose bags, at any moment you could find spare tights and gloves, a needle and thread and pins (suddenly something from her clothes would break!), wet wipes, and other items. They are thrifty and prudent, these royals!