Meghan Markle’s father publicly insulted Prince Harry

Meghan Markle's father publicly insulted Prince Harry 1

Thomas Markle has never hidden that he doesn’t like his daughter’s husband too much. But never before had he allowed himself to criticize him so sharply and in such terms. And now Meghan and Harry’s fans are waiting to see how the Prince and Duchess will react to his attack. This was reported by the publication

Giving an interview with GB News presenter Dan Wooton, Thomas Markle could not restrain himself and spoke out about how Meghan and Harry behave. He bluntly stated that he considers the prince a “complete idiot” because he allows his wife to completely control his behavior. Markle said that Harry behaves like a small child who follows his mother everywhere and repeats everything after her. As for Megan herself, at present his main complaint against her is that she has not only not allowed him to see her children — daughter Lilibet and son Archie:

“I have every right to see my grandchildren!”

In the same interview, Markle firmly promised that he would definitely come to Britain in June to take part in the celebrations on the occasion of the Queen’s platinum jubilee. As Thomas stated, he wants to pay tribute to Elizabeth, whom he, unlike Meghan and Harry, deeply respects.

Meghan Markle's father publicly insulted Prince Harry 3

At the same time, according to Thomas, during his visit, he would very much like to have the opportunity to meet with Prince Charles. Markle believes that he and the Queen’s son have a lot in common, and they will have something to talk about. First, Thomas would like to thank Charles for the fact that the prince helped him out three years ago when he could not come to his daughter’s wedding because of a heart attack that happened to him. After all, it was Charles who then, replacing the father of the bride, took Megan to the altar. Besides, as Thomas thinks, he will have other topics for conversation with the queen’s son. After all, according to Markle, Charles suffered the same misfortune. But if he himself was betrayed and abandoned by his own daughter, then Charles, according to the Duchess’s father, suffered the same fate through the fault of his son Harry.