Meghan Markle sought help from British PR specialists to address popularity issues in the UK

Meghan Markle sought help from British PR specialists to address popularity issues in the UK 1
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Meghan Markle is actively seeking the expertise of a UK-based PR specialist to enhance her image and that of Archewell, the foundation she co-founded with Prince Harry in California. This move comes amidst speculation about the potential revival of her lifestyle blog, The Tig, particularly following the success of Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP brand, which recently surpassed a $250 million valuation.

The decision to enlist a UK PR executive signals a strategic shift for the Sussexes in 2024, hinting at their intent to re-engage with British audiences despite their relocation to California, as reported by The Daily Mail. However, some industry insiders are skeptical about the prospects of this endeavor, citing concerns about the couple’s receptiveness to counsel.

A notable London-based PR executive expressed reservations, describing the proposition as unappealing to many seasoned professionals due to doubts about Meghan and Harry’s willingness to heed advice.

Recent events, including Prince Harry’s divisive memoir and public criticisms of the Royal Family, have contributed to a decline in their popularity both in the UK and the US.

While the Sussexes may view the current climate in Britain as an opportunity to assert their presence, PR specialists remain cautious, wary of potential clashes in communication styles and the couple’s track record of unconventional decisions since stepping back from royal duties.

Against the backdrop of the Royal Family facing health issues concerning the King and Kate Middleton, the Sussexes may see new opportunities in Britain, according to an insider. However, their ability to navigate these complexities while aligning with established norms and expectations remains uncertain.

According to brand and culture expert Nick Ede, the Duchess of Sussex’s affinity for the UK and its audience is evident, making positive PR crucial for her endeavors, particularly if she intends to promote lifestyle brands in the region.

Despite the geographical distance, Meghan recognizes the significance of cultivating a favorable public image in the UK, leveraging her influence and style to resonate with British consumers.