Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently had a heated argument in public

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently had a heated argument in public 1

Until recently, everyone believed that Prince Harry’s relationship with his wife was almost flawless, although he managed to quarrel with almost all of his relatives. In any case, this is exactly the impression they tried to make as a couple. However, the further it goes, the more suspicions appear that behind the beautiful “picture” of Harry’s happy family life with Meghan Markle lies a completely different, not glamorous reality at all. This is evidenced by a new story, which was reported by the publication New Idea.

According to the testimony of a visitor of one of the California restaurants who shared information with the aforementioned publication, Meghan and Harry recently had a violent quarrel in public. Moreover, they were not at all embarrassed by the fact that the institution was full of people who became unwitting witnesses of the scandal. We are talking about the low-key Burmese bakery restaurant in Ojai, California, which is very popular among both locals and visiting celebrities.

According to the witness, Meghan and Harry arrived there together, clearly intending to relax a little without children — daughter Lilibet and son Archie. However, their initially peaceful conversation quickly turned into a quarrel. Confused diners of the restaurant watched as the Prince and the Duchess explained themselves “in raised tones.” And it all ended with the fact that Harry got up, abruptly pushing back and almost knocking over a chair, quickly left the restaurant, and drove away, leaving Megan alone. Because of what exactly the spouses were quarreling about, the witness could not hear, since the table of the Prince and the Duchess was in the farthest corner of the establishment.

By the way, as the couple’s friends had already told earlier, this quarrel was far from the first. Recently, spouses often conflict — primarily because they are now tuned to “different waves”.

Meghan is most concerned about how to earn more money and how to get King Charles to recognize her daughter and son as a Prince and Princess.

And Harry is insanely nervous on the eve of the release of his memoirs and a documentary series, which can cause huge damage to the reputation of not only the Royal Family but also his own — because of the many inconsistencies that have already emerged with the real state of affairs.