Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend unexpectedly reacted to Kanye West’s intention to bury him alive

Kim Kardashian's boyfriend unexpectedly reacted to Kanye West's intention to bury him alive 1

The reaction of Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson, to the new music video that horrified almost everyone who saw it was not at all what one would expect. Instead of being horrified, Pete cheered up. This, according to an insider among Davidson’s pals, was reported by

According to Davidson’s fellow popular stand-up comedian, Pete found the video, created by Kanye West, “just hilariously funny.” Meanwhile, from the point of view of most viewers, the footage shown by Kim Kardashian’s ex-spouse causes horror and outrage, not laughter at all. The animated video can indeed be frightening: the character portraying Kanye first kidnaps and then buries him alive, which is an evil caricature of Pete. On top of that, West raps about how he dreams of beating up Davidson.

As Pete’s pal explained, he wasn’t personally surprised by Davidson’s reaction to the video. This isn’t the first time Kanye has attacked the stand-up artist, and the latter has already learned not to be intimidated, but to treat both his threats and insults with humor. Moreover, as Pete confessed to a friend, he sees a positive side to this situation, when he is constantly subjected to pressure from Kanye. Davidson claims that he learns from this example to turn any negativity going on in his life into a positive. For example, being attacked is an excuse to have fun.

However, Kim herself, unlike Pete, does not see anything funny in Kanye’s behavior. The new video made her just furious, spoiling her mood. And in fact, Kardashian was in seventh heaven, because the day before she had achieved what she had fought for so long. A year after Kim filed for divorce from Kanye, a judge finally pronounced her divorced. And now Kardashian is completely free and can with a clear conscience build a serious and long-term relationship with her lover.