Kate Middleton finds herself in an awkward situation

Kate Middleton finds herself in an awkward situation 1

Kate Middleton was put to the test the other day – in an episode that took place during her official visit to Wales, which she made with her husband Prince William. This, according to witnesses, was reported by People.

After wrapping up the program of mandatory official events, the prince and the duchess decided to visit the Abergavenny Market farmers’ market in Wales to talk to the locals. And as the future king and his wife approached the cheese stand, a curious episode played out. One of the saleswomen – Nicky Hurst – simply called the wife of the future monarch, calling her simply, without titles – Kate. Even her husband William does not allow himself to address the Duchess in such a way in public, he calls his wife more formally – “Katherine”. And all the others just have to talk to her, call her “Your Royal Highness. But Hirst and this did not stop, she addressed to the heir to the throne without ceremony, calling him simply William.

Although the situation was awkward, the prince and the duchess quite convincingly pretended not to notice the inappropriate familiarity of the saleswoman, and calmly continued the conversation. And Hearst, it seems, did not even realize her blunder. Later, speaking to a reporter, she boasted that she had managed to surprise William by informing him that she had a rare type of Swiss cheese, which the prince adored.

Chatting with other vendors and market visitors, Kate and William made an exceptionally favorable impression on everyone with their friendly demeanor and interest in them. In addition, the Prince and Duchess talked about a curious tradition in their family. It turns out that when they go on each of their next voyages, their children – Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte – always ask their father and mother where they are going. And Kate and William, for educational purposes, show their heirs on a map where the place they are going is located.