«Huge debt»: Prince Harry and Meghan don’t pay for the mansion

«Huge debt»: Prince Harry and Meghan don't pay for the mansion 1

Two years ago, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to give up royal privileges. The couple said they would earn their own money by signing contracts with large companies. But as a result, they have accumulated multi-million dollar debts.

And one of the debts they need to pay off as soon as possible. We are talking about the municipal tax on the luxury house of the Dukes of Sussex, in which they live together with their children in Montecito. Meghan and Harry bought the house for 12 million euros, it is now worth almost 23 million. The couple’s accounts now have two mandatory payments, each worth £51,978, which adds up to a whopping £103,995.

The first bill the couple received on December 10 last year and the second on February 1. If the bills are not paid by April 1, they will be charged a fine of 10% of the payment.

However, a source close to the family says that this tax will not bring much trouble for the Sussexes.

“It’s a huge amount, but its pennies compared to their earnings.” – The Mirror quotes its source as saying.

By the way, recently there were suspicions that the Duchess had a quarrel with her husband. They arose after one of the prince’s friends “leaked” a rumor to the Network. And when Harry, to everyone’s bewilderment, appeared at the Super Bowl game on American soccer without his wife, this version was believed by many. After all, Meghan loves sports events and tried not to miss the most important of them. This situation looked even more suspicious because Harry did not come to the stadium alone. If he came there without a companion, everyone would think that Meghan suddenly fell ill and canceled pre-planned attendance at the event.

But no: Harry showed up at the stadium with a companion, whose arrival at the game in California was a sensation in itself. After all, it was his cousin Princess Eugenie, who had flown in from Britain for the occasion. As some belief, Eugenia, who has always been friends with the prince, is aware of his family problems, so she was not lazy to come to America to comfort Harry.