How to impress a man on the first date? What not to do

The first date is often burdened with high expectations. However, they are not always justified. It is helpful to adhere to some rules to ensure a pleasant and smooth start to the relationship.

The question of what makes a woman attractive to a man on a first date has a surprisingly simple answer. Only two things can make you unforgettable to him.

Before moving on to these two conditions of a man’s sympathy and interest, let me clarify: we’re talking about a woman who has already caught his eye visually (he has seen her in reality or in a photo that corresponds to reality).

But to capture his heart, looks are not enough. You need at least two more things.

The same level of relationship

It’s simple here. If a man is seeking a serious relationship, it’s beneficial for the woman to be inclined towards the same. If he’s looking for a companion for occasional meetings, she should also seek such a relationship. And so on. It’s not guaranteed that these relationships will develop, but the mindset should roughly align.

If your intentions match or differ insignificantly, that’s the first step toward mutual liking.


And here comes the second step. There is a high likelihood that a woman will appeal to a man if she pleases him. For example:

Through communication, humor, and the way she smiles, laughs, and moves (when he enjoys looking at her).

By attentively listening to him, delving into the conversation, and asking questions eagerly and with interest.

Ensuring that there are no long awkward pauses in conversation (having a few questions ready for the man can help him open up about himself — and you’ll get to know him better too).

Being relaxed, not uptight, and easy to talk to about any topic.

Finding common ground. For instance, sharing the same favorite foods, and music, or traveling to the same places. Or (oh, wonder!) having similar dreams or interests.

In essence, if he felt good being around her. If it was interesting, he admired her, felt an energy boost, improved mood, etc.

One more thing.

Here are things that can easily ruin the impression of yourself:

Seriously getting distracted by your phone. Or looking at it too often. Then the man will understand that he is not that interesting to you.

Starting an argument. Getting hooked on something and proving your point. There’s almost a guarantee — there won’t be a second date.

Joking about his successes or values. Humor is a delicate thing. It’s easy to push away someone you barely know with inappropriate irony.

Talking significantly more than him, dominating the conversation. Turning it from a dialogue into a monologue.

Rushing events. Insisting on continuing the romance or revealing your far-reaching plans for the man. Even if such plans exist, you’re only just getting to know each other. Such revelations make a man slip away from the very first meeting. And there’s no talk of a second.

Speaking poorly about men. About any. About the ex, about the boss, or about the taxi driver who drove you. In general, speaking poorly about people is a repellent quality (even if it’s true a hundred times).

Speaking condescendingly or rudely to waiters. The contrast is especially unpleasant: speaking warmly and tenderly to a man, and rudely to the service staff.

And — the main mistake! — prolonging the date. Saying goodbye when there’s nothing left to talk about. When you’re already “bored” together, on the first date, it’s better if there’s not enough of you. Let there be some things left unsaid. Cut the date short when the interest is at its peak. It’s not easy. But in this case, you’ll want to see each other again.