Charles III asked Prince Harry not to bring Meghan to say goodbye to the Queen

Charles III asked Prince Harry not to bring Meghan to say goodbye to the Queen 1

Prince Charles, now announced as the new King of Britain under the name Charles III, before the death of the Queen said to the Duke of Sussex – Prince Harry, that “it would be a mistake” to come to say goodbye to Elizabeth II, along with Meghan. About this writes the British tabloid The Sun, citing its source.

Harry learned about his grandmother’s poor state of health when he was at Frogmore Cottage, the country residence of the royal family about a kilometer from Windsor Castle, and was going to come to Balmoral with his wife. At that moment, however, the prince received a call from his father, who was at the Queen’s bedside, asking him not to take Meghan with him, as it would be “wrong and inappropriate at such a sad time”.

Prince Charles said that Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, would also not be attending the Queen’s farewell. He stressed that the number of guests will be limited to the closest relatives.

“Charles made it very, very clear that Megan would be an unwelcome guest,” a source told the publication.

After his father’s call, Prince Harry agreed to come to Balmoral alone. But there was no seat on the Royal Air Force plane that took Prince William, as well as his uncles Prince Edward and Prince Andrew to Scotland.

The Duke of Sussex arrived at the estate an hour and a half after the Queen’s death was announced. He was thus the last member of the Royal Family to arrive at Balmoral. He was also the first to leave the estate after the Queen’s death.

On September 9, King Charles III gave his first address to the British. He announced that from now on the Dukes of Cambridge, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, become Prince and Princess of Wales, that is, first in line for the throne.

The ceremony of Charles’s proclamation as the King of Great Britain will be broadcast on television for the first time. It is reported that cameras will be allowed to hang in the state chambers of St. James’s Palace, which has never been done before.