Billie Eilish: How a 17-year-old conquered the world

Billie Eilish: How a 17-year-old conquered the world 1

Billie Eilish burst onto the scene and the charts literally before the global coronavirus pandemic, but her lack of concerts and lockdown hasn’t stopped her from becoming popular over the past two years. Recently, Billy turned 20 years old, so we remember on her birthday how a young girl fell in love with herself not only with her peers but also adults.

One way or another, anyone has faced unstable morals. So Billie has a real depression, which helps her to write tracks on the topics of the day. She’s not shy about talking about what she doesn’t like about herself, and it grabs the audience’s attention. At the very least, those who have dealt with such a problem understand what Billie is talking about in her lyrics.

A New Sound

Billie began posting her tracks on the open platform SoundCloud. She did not claim to be a great musician, and her first tracks gained only a hundred listens to each. The girl published her first track when she was 13 years old. Billie’s journey as a singer began after she posted the song “Ocean Eyes,” which her brother had originally written for his band. Eventually, the 14-year-old girl was noticed and signed to Darkroom / Interscope Records. The whole world fell in love with Eilish after she struck a whole new sound and performance on the track “Bad guy.” She doesn’t belabor the tracks and doesn’t try to show off her vocal credentials. That being said, her delivery gives many goosebumps.


Billie doesn’t try to play by the rules of adult show business, where every social event requires wearing all the most expensive clothes. She was not shy to come to the red carpet in sneakers, sweaters, and baggy pants, which also attracted the attention of the audience. Later, Billie did not betray her style but began to try on brands more often. Now she still shows her femininity, but still surprises fans with her outfits that are memorable for everyone.